Sofia Castro has always had a passion for new opportunities and has been an entrepreneur since 24. In 1993, she and her husband, Bobby Castro, opened a leasing brokerage firm from the ground up with virtually 0 dollars which later transitioned to a company named BHG in 2001 & in 2019 sold their interest for a billion-dollar valuation.

In 2003, their family office, Ortsac Capital Group, ventured into multifamily investing where they amassed a $700+ million dollar portfolio which continues to grow. Sofia is also active in multiple venture capital opportunities across various industries while maintaining strong focus on multifamily real estate. Sofia is also a passionate philanthropist, she is regularly found contributing to the IDDEAL foundation, Scentsability, the Jack and Jill Children Center, Thembelihle School in Africa, and a multitude of other charities throughout the years.

Currently, Sofia is coming full circle back to the world of finance as she has founded Reign Finance Group. A commercial real estate brokerage that helps with the sourcing and placing of capital led by the idea of facilitating a legacy of wealth for business owners across the nation. Reign Finance Group is a woman-owned & operated business providing an empowerment-focused culture encouraging everyone, especially women, to increase self-worth, net worth, mindset & achieve generational wealth.