Mike Rashid is a multi-talented athlete & entrepreneur, with a track record of success as a pro boxer and two-time Golden Gloves winner. Along with his accomplishments in boxing, Mike is also a power bodybuilder, demonstrating his strength and dedication to fitness.

He’s the CEO of Interstellar Media, leading the company that specializes in content creation and social media strategy. He’s also the CEO & co-founder of Ambrosia Nutraceuticals – a company offering natural health supplements, and the founder of Alpha Academy Apparel, a premium fitness apparel brand.

Mike is an accomplished author, having written the “Overtraining” series of eBooks, & is also the creator of the Alpha Shred Challenge, a popular fitness program that has helped many people achieve their fitness goals. With a passion for health and wellness, Mike inspires people to push their limits and reach their full potential.

Through his various ventures, Mike has become a recognized authority in the fitness industry, positively impacting the lives of many.