Coffey Anderson has built an acclaimed country music career, defined by his tireless work ethic, deep sense of humility, and undeniable country roots.

Before making it, Coffey had to take his music career into his own hands, producing his own albums, booking his own shows, and editing his music videos out of his garage.

While establishing his brand as an entrepreneur and singer, Coffey continues to use his gift as an entertainer. His presence continues to thrive online, attracting an average of 640,000 monthly listeners to his Spotify, while his TikTok likes have grown to over 3.7M. His Netflix original reality series, “Country Ever After,” has been viewed by an estimated 50M people.

Despite his ever-evolving career, Coffey retains his steadfast commitment to his initial goal through his music—using his gift to spread positivity, kindness, and love.