Brad Lea is a successful entrepreneur, businessman, CEO, author, podcaster, and speaker with extensive experience in sales, life, and business. He’s a proud father of 7, and a devoted husband.

With a passion for helping people become better humans, Brad is also a philanthropist & investor. He has made mistakes, learned from them, and gained a wealth of knowledge that he now shares with others.

In 1999, he founded LightSpeed VT, a tech company that has revolutionized online learning and had a profound impact on many lives. Thanks to his extensive network, he has become an influential thought leader on social media and the host of the highly-rated podcast Dropping Bombs.

Brad’s known for his honesty, common sense, & ability to provide clarity in a chaotic world with a mission to connect people who have knowledge – with those who need it. He credits his success to a combination of luck & a willingness to take risks.