The CEO of Hardcore Closer is a 4X BESTSELLING AUTHOR, podcaster, and blogger. His notoriety and savage sales acumen have put him on the pages of the largest media publications on the planet, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Addicted2Success, The Good Men Project, The Lighter Side of Real Estate, and Huffington Post. A BAMF, unafraid to take action, he has coached thousands of people to overcome the Force Of Average™ and became the leader in modern marketplace sales training.

Amy got her start in the investment industry interning at age 16, and by age 25 had been recruited to a $22B hedge fund. As a high-net-worth stockbroker and investment savage in Arizona and Texas, Amy raised over $300M in 2015 alone for multi-national privately-owned companies. Now, matriarch of the Stewman family, Amy manages a multi-million dollar household and is launching her Mrs. Hardcore Closer coaching business and blog specializing in unearthing authenticity in the lives of Alpha Females in power couple relationships, at home, with family and in business.

Aaron Singerman is a husband, father, businessman, innovator, bodybuilding personality, recovered drug addict, a convicted felon, philanthropist, multi-millionaire and unabashed supporter of the United States military. Aaron grew up in New Orleans, and moved to Houston after Hurricane Katrina, eventually settling in Boca Raton with his wife, Darielle, and three boys, Asher, Aaden, and Alajah, while also serving a stint in Pensacola Federal Prison Camp in 2022. He has started at least ten different multimillion-dollar companies, including RedCon1, the fastest growing sports supplement company in history now valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.

Billy Gene is the founder and CEO of Billy Gene Is Marketing LLC. - A top-ranked agency and educational hub for digital advertising and customer acquisition. His personal ads have been seen over 1 Billion times across Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Billy has over 170,000 students in 75 countries, has worked with several of the largest franchises across the globe, and has been featured in some of the leading publishing companies around the world such as Forbes,, SD Business Journal, and the Huffington Post. He has key-noted and spoken on dozens of the most well-known stages in front of tens of thousands of people. Billy was also nominated for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2019, made “Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America” listing in 2019 and 2020 as well as being on Entrepreneur 360’s company listing in 2019.

Keith Craft has been married to his wife Sheila for almost forty years. They’ve dated for 500+ months (he counts the months), & they have 3 children, Joshua (35), Keela (33), and Whitney (32) - whom all work with him in high-level leadership positions. It's his dream come true that they all serve God and it's heaven on earth that he gets to work with them. Over the past 30 years, Keith's spoken in the world’s largest business seminars, Fortune 1000 companies, associations, non-profits and educational institutions. He's shared the stage & spoken alongside former world leaders like Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr., Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev, and former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani. He’s more than a life coach, business coach, or personal coach. He believes that everything you have in life starts with your thinking. He’s a think coach that wants to help you think better! Keith is the founder & lead pastor of Elevate Life Church, a non-denominational church in Frisco, Texas. Additionally, he's the author of the best-seller, “Your Divine Fingerprint.” His personal mission statement is: “To be a loving leader, mentor, and a motivator (coachivator) of Biblical Excellence that helps people reach their full God-given potential."

Brandon Brittingham is a highly accomplished serial entrepreneur and real estate expert. As the CEO of The MD DE Group, a conglomerate of over 20 successful real estate companies, he oversees one of the top real estate teams in the country, with the #1 team in Maryland and #2 in the U.S.A. for homes sold! Brandon is leading the charge in the industry with his expertise earning him numerous accolades, including being named Realtor of the Year and being a member of the NAR 30 under 30, as well as earning a spot in the Apex Hall of Fame. As a real estate investor and fund manager, Brandon brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to the table, working tirelessly to meet the needs of his clients. With several thousand doors under management and a reputation as a sought-after keynote speaker, Brandon is known for his out-of-the-box thinking and masterful marketing strategies, which have revolutionized the real estate industry and earned him recognition and praise from across the nation.

Mike Rashid is a multi-talented athlete & entrepreneur, with a track record of success as a pro boxer and two-time Golden Gloves winner. Along with his accomplishments in boxing, Mike is also a power bodybuilder, demonstrating his strength and dedication to fitness. He's the CEO of Interstellar Media, leading the company that specializes in content creation and social media strategy. He's also the CEO & co-founder of Ambrosia Nutraceuticals - a company offering natural health supplements, and the founder of Alpha Academy Apparel, a premium fitness apparel brand. Mike is an accomplished author, having written the “Overtraining” series of eBooks, & is also the creator of the Alpha Shred Challenge, a popular fitness program that has helped many people achieve their fitness goals. With a passion for health and wellness, Mike inspires people to push their limits and reach their full potential. Through his various ventures, Mike has become a recognized authority in the fitness industry, positively impacting the lives of many.

Coffey Anderson has built an acclaimed country music career, defined by his tireless work ethic, deep sense of humility and undeniable country roots. Before making it, Coffey had to take his music career into his own hands, producing his own albums, booking his own shows and editing his music videos out of his garage. While establishing his brand as an entrepreneur and singer, Coffey continues to use his gift as an entertainer. His presence continues to thrive online, attracting an average of 640,000 monthly listeners to his Spotify, while his TikTok likes have grown to over 3.7M. His Netflix original reality series, “Country Ever After,” has been viewed by an estimated 50M people. Despite his ever-evolving career, Coffey retains his steadfast commitment to his initial goal through his music—using his gift to spread positivity, kindness and love.

Marcus Barney is the founder and CEO of Recession Proof, a multi-million dollar financial literacy program and credit specialist firm. The company provides entrepreneurs with specialized tools, strategies, and financial resources that can be used to scale businesses. However, his main focus is to teach his mentees how to leverage credit to create generational wealth. Marcus was born and raised in Stockton, California. His first business was at sixteen. He and some friends would go around to auction buyer cars before flipping them for a profit. At the age of eighteen, he studied for and acquired the State of California Real Estate License. Recession Proof helps people living 'paycheck to paycheck' step away from their 9-5 jobs & take control of their time, with many of those individuals going on to become millionaires. The company has garnered $20 million worth of start-up capital, which went into helping over 200 entrepreneurs launch their businesses. Recession Proof provides its clients with the resources needed to reach success and feel empowered.

As a self-made business mogul, Bobby Castro exemplifies the transformation from entrepreneur to leader. Bobby, with only a ninth-grade education, founded Bankers Healthcare Group in 2001 with an investment of just $25,000. Today, he's reached a personal net worth of over $400 million. Bobby knows that above all, the key to scaling any business is leadership. As a key leader of his company for more than 18 years Bobby has instilled in his team a positive mental attitude (PMA), creating a workplace environment that inspired top-level performance and unheard-of revenue returns. Under Bobby’s positive mental attitude (PMA) leadership, BHG grew exponentially, from a start up with practically zero dollars to exiting and selling for $1 Billion Dollars! Now, he is venturing into a new chapter to work with business owners, real estate investors and select entrepreneurs seeking to duplicate the success they have earned from hands-on raw experience by transforming into positive leaders. Having achieved financial freedom on his own terms, Bobby now wants to share with others how to scale their businesses so they too can achieve unprecedented results. Bobby is a principal of Ortsac Capital Group, LLC alongside his wife of 32 years, Sofia, as well as his children and grandchildren which today holds a $600 million dollar portfolio in multifamily assets. Ortsac Capital Group owns around 2,500 doors between Florida, Texas and Tennessee. This portfolio provides his family $500,000+ per month in positive cash flow, along with a host of other investments. At the heart of Bobby’s business philosophy, is a commitment to the community and social responsibility. Both Bobby and BHG proudly support charitable organizations locally in Florida, Syracuse, and nationally like Operation Smile, Food for the Poor, American Cancer Society, Thembelihle Primary School, and House Calls for the Homeless and more.

Sofia Castro has always had a passion for new opportunities and has been an entrepreneur since 24. In 1993, she and her husband, Bobby Castro, opened a leasing brokerage firm from the ground up with virtually 0 dollars which later transitioned to a company named BHG in 2001 & in 2019 sold their interest for a Billion-dollar valuation. In 2003, their family office, Ortsac Capital Group, ventured into multifamily investing where they amassed a $700+ million dollar portfolio which continues to grow. Sofia is also active in multiple venture capital opportunities across various industries while maintaining strong focus on multifamily real estate. Sofia is also a passionate philanthropist, she is regularly found contributing to the IDDEAL foundation, Scentsability, the Jack and Jill Children Center, Thembelihle School in Africa, and a multitude of other charities throughout the years. Currently, Sofia is coming full circle back to the world of finance as she has founded Reign Finance Group. A commercial real estate brokerage that helps with the sourcing and placing of capital led by the idea of facilitating a legacy of wealth for business owners across the nation. Reign Finance Group is a woman owned & operated business providing an empowerment focused culture encouraging everyone, especially women, to increase self-worth, net worth, mindset & achieve generational wealth.

Brad Lea is a successful entrepreneur, businessman, CEO, author, podcaster, and speaker with extensive experience in sales, life, and business. He's a proud father of 7, and a devoted husband. With a passion for helping people become better humans, Brad is also a philanthropist & investor. He has made mistakes, learned from them, and gained a wealth of knowledge that he now shares with others. In 1999, he founded LightSpeed VT, a tech company that has revolutionized online learning and had a profound impact on many lives. Thanks to his extensive network, he has become an influential thought leader on social media and the host of the highly-rated podcast Dropping Bombs. Brad's known for his honesty, common sense, & ability to provide clarity in a chaotic world with a mission to connect people who have knowledge - with those who need it. He credits his success to a combination of luck & a willingness to take risks.

Amberly Lago is a Peak Performance Coach, TEDx Speaker, Podcaster, and a leading expert in the field of resilience and transformation. She is the best-selling author of “True Grit & Grace” and the founder of “UNSTOPPABLE Life Mastermind.” Through her book, coaching methods, & masterminds she has curated unique tools to teach others how to tap into their superpower of resilience and elevate their lives & businesses. Amberly has most recently been featured on NBC’s The Today Show, The Doctors, Hallmark, and featured in magazines such as Shape, Fit Pregnancy, Yahoo, Forbes, USA Today, LA Style, Health Magazine, Keynote Speaker Magazine and Disability Magazine.

Dan Fleyshman is the youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history. At the age of 23, after selling 15 million dollars worth of clothing in six department store chains and surpassing expectations with his 9.5 million dollar licensing deal with STARTER apparel, Mr. Fleyshman launched the “Who’s Your Daddy” energy drink into 55,000 retail stores and military bases. In 2010 he launched Victory Poker and built the third-largest team of professional players out of the 550 poker sites on the market. Mr. Fleyshman is a very active Angel Investor and advisor to 24+ companies that range from mobile apps and tech companies to successful monthly box subscription sites and consumer products.

Wes Watson is a well-known entrepreneur and international coach who has made a significant impact in the self-improvement and fitness industries. He is the founder of Watson Fit, a platform dedicated to helping individuals become the best versions of themselves. Watson believes that happiness can be found through self-improvement and that by facing challenges and hardships, one can arrive at a place of pleasure and satisfaction. He uses his own journey to success as an inspiration to others and shares his insights and techniques through his website. Watson is also an accomplished international best-selling author and has gained widespread recognition for his work. He has a large following on YouTube, with over 75 million views on his GP Penitentiary Life channel. As the CEO of Watson Fit, he continues to work tirelessly to help people achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives.